Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dialogue on God

He: I am an atheist.
She: Should that concern me?
He: Only if you are the religious types.
She: And, what if I am.
He: Too bad, we could have been friends.
She: So you make friends based on their belief in God!
He: Hmm, not really, it is just convenient to have friends who would not blame God for their miseries, for their inefficiencies and luckless lives.
She: Are you a believer of karma then?
He: No, I just believe in myself. I only know me.
She: Really, who are you?
He: That’s not hard to define. Besides the usual stuff that my resume states, I am someone who is completely focused on my goal.
She: What is your goal?
He: You ask too many questions, but I don’t mind answering this one. My goal is to build a log cabin high up in a lonely mountain.
She: You don’t want to be disturbed is it?
He: Yeah, besides that’s the only way to move away from this din of human existence.
She: Escaping from life or situations could never be an answer. Facing your own devil and overcoming your fears would make you happy even if you live in the most populated part of the world.
He: Easier for you to say, how would you know what an atheist faces. There is always a vacuum, questions that keep swirling and burden to owe up all mistakes. There is no God to blame, you become the creator of your own future. It’s a hard life.
She: Fact is, you chose it for yourself. So, why complain? Embrace what you are and have the courage to face it, to live your truest self. Like any other believer of God, you are also blaming Him. Only thing, you are blaming Him for your inability to believe in His existence.
He: You are right, think we can become friends after all...