Sunday, June 26, 2016

Story of a never taken decision

Decisions are never easy. Whether it is about buying a new dress or deciding about your life partner. Each decision changes something in the thread of time.

And, then there are some decisions which are never taken. They remain in the limbo, waiting forever like an abandoned child. Sometimes when that child cry, you give him a lolly to appease him. You tell him, “Dear child, I will come to you. Right now, you are too impossible for me to decide upon.”

The child outgrows the lollies and becomes a cranky teen. Now, he beats the drums over your head, and you still ignore him. After all, he is your child, you can control him. You give him everything material, but not the much needed time to decide.

By the time it becomes a confused adult you realise the battle is almost lost. That’s when you start your emotional drama. You cry, howl, fight, but still keep your decision at a bay.

The decision reaches a stage where it is old and withered, and begs you to finally do what you had to do. But, now you have the perfect answer, “It's too late.” That's when it sighs sadly and takes its final breath.

The decision finally dies untaken, and you tell yourself in a matter-of-fact manner, “Oh! It was a hard decision to take, after all!”