Thursday, March 15, 2012


She did not know whether to cry or laugh seeing Rohit. They were meeting after so long that this itself seemed like an illusion. But then, he was there, in front of her, in flesh and blood. She shuddered to touch him.

‘What if he vanishes into thin air,’ she thought.

It all seemed ridiculous the moment Rohit gave her a warm bear hug.

He was real, he was there. She felt happy. Years of pain and hurt just melted at that moment.

She looked into his eyes, they were teary too. He has been hurting as well.

Two different people, different pasts, same story.

Why is life such a bitch? Why can’t things be given in a platter? Some people have it so easy that it is disgustingly unfair, while some keep toiling but do not even get pittance in return.

They looked at each other and all they could find was pain swarming in the eyes which used to be full of life and zest once. They were clearly broken, but they were too arrogant to show that. Their resilience to face life and take everything head-on had been costing them too much, but then they are essentially people who do not bow down to adversities. They get up every time they fall, keep analyzing themselves, figuring out what went wrong and fixing them.

This constant falling and getting up makes them so human, yet their will and determination gives them almost God-like characters! It is good to think yourself to be God or at least God-like, there is no judgement then, you are accepted as you are. No one to tell you, how wrong you have been, what a failure you have been in your life or how people just kept hurting you in spite of your seemingly good self.

Of course, they are not the best. They have their faults, they have inherent selfishness and issues too. But, they do have the courage to face them, face themselves and say, ‘This is wrong in me, and I am going to change it, no matter how much I hurt myself or anyone else in the process’.

Does that make them good?

Maybe, only for those people who understand. And for others, let us say, ‘No comments’.

Although, they did not say a word, it still seemed that they have communicated everything to each other in those few moments.

There was nothing to say, actually. They have said enough, they have heard enough.

It was time to keep quiet, to be silent.

It was time to heal finally.

The spark to live was coming back. They know they will sail through this too, maybe together or maybe as individuals.

Who knows, what tomorrow will bring...

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